Intellectual Property Transactions

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Intellectual Property Creation

At Gibson Law Group, we understand the significance of properly protecting your intellectual property from its inception. Our IP transaction team is well-versed in drafting comprehensive contracts to ensure that your venture maintains ownership of all intellectual property generated by employees and independent contractors. We are experienced in crafting non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements that provide robust safeguards for your intellectual property. By working closely with you, we can help fortify your position against potential ownership disputes in the future.

Intellectual Property Licensing

Monetizing your trademarks and copyrights through strategic licensing programs can be a lucrative opportunity for your venture. Our IP attorneys have extensive experience in assisting clients in developing and managing effective licensing strategies. Whether you choose to directly exploit your intellectual property or engage in third-party licensing arrangements, we can guide you through the process. Our goal is to structure licensing agreements that maximize the commercial potential of your intellectual property assets.

Intellectual Property Transfers

The transfer of intellectual property assets is a common occurrence throughout their lifecycle. If your venture is considering buying or selling an intellectual property asset, Gibson Law Group is here to provide expert guidance. Our IP attorneys have a wealth of experience in various intellectual property transfers, including trademark and copyright assignments. We can facilitate smooth and successful transfers by offering sound legal advice and strategic support. Whether you are acquiring or disposing of intellectual property assets, we will ensure your interests are protected.

Specialized Intellectual Property Transactions

Every venture has unique requirements when it comes to intellectual property transactions. Gibson Law Group is equipped to handle specialized needs tailored to your business. Our team can assist in preparing agreements such as joint inventor/co-author agreements, joint venture agreements, and manufacturing/supply agreements that are customized to meet your specific circumstances. Additionally, we have the expertise to oversee the establishment of specialized intellectual property holding structures, providing optimal protection and management of your intellectual property assets.

At Gibson Law Group, we are committed to helping you navigate the intricacies of intellectual property transactions. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and discover how our skilled team can assist you in achieving your intellectual property objectives.

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