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Copyright Law and Protection

Copyright law is a fundamental aspect of intellectual property (“IP”) law that focuses on safeguarding the creative expression of ideas across various forms, including literary works, musical works, dramatic works, and visual works. It grants exclusive rights to copyright owners, allowing them to reproduce, distribute, perform, display, and create derivative works based on their copyrighted materials. This comprehensive legal framework also provides authors and creators with the sole authority to produce sequels, adaptations, or spin-offs of their original works.

The Scope of Copyright Work

Under copyright law, a wide range of creative works can be protected, often extending beyond what clients may initially expect. These encompass:

By collaborating with the Gibson Law Group, clients gain the advantage of our expertise in identifying potential sources of copyrightable material that may have gone unnoticed. We pride ourselves on uncovering hidden intellectual property value and guiding clients toward protecting and capitalizing on their creative assets.

Copyright Limitations

While copyright law offers robust protection for creative expressions, it’s important to note its limitations. Copyright cannot be employed to safeguard mere ideas, which fall under the purview of patent law. Furthermore, copyright does not protect facts or information itself, although it does safeguard the creative expression or presentation of factual content.

Copyright Registration Process

Securing copyright registration involves a straightforward process facilitated by the assistance of our IP attorneys. We collaborate with clients to prepare and file the necessary paperwork with the Copyright Office, including the application, the requisite fee, and a copy of the work being registered.

Upon submission, the Copyright Office Examiner reviews the application, either approving it or issuing correspondence for further clarification or amendment. Our experienced attorneys at Henderson Franklin skillfully handle such correspondence, advocating on behalf of copyright applicants and ensuring a smooth registration process. For up-to-date information on processing times, please refer to the Copyright Office website.

Benefits of Copyright Registration

Obtaining federal copyright registration offers numerous advantages, including:

At Gibson Law Group, our dedicated team of copyright attorneys has extensive experience representing a wide range of copyright owners. We invite you to contact us for comprehensive assistance and guidance in this dynamic area of law.

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